What Role Have Individuals, Corporations and Governments Got in Controlling Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: March 3, 2012
What role have individuals, corporations and governments got in controlling global warming

Global warming is the increase of the average temperature of the Earth’s surface, air and oceans. One of the major causes of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases; the most common of them all is carbon dioxide. The emission of greenhouse gasses is intensified by human activity, such as the burning fossil fuels to power cars and houses. Due to global warming the effects of global warming the world will see or is currently facing includes the rise in sea levels, glacial retreats and extreme weather. An example of extreme weather can be seen in the UK with torrential rain in the summer. Currently we have seen governments sign and ratify the Kyoto Protocol to reduce their gas emissions, which can be seen as evidence of action being taken against global warming, however more has to be done, and therefore this essay will discuss the roles of individual, governments and corporations and what they can do to take action and slow down the effects of global warming. Firstly, we will discuss the role of the individual, and what the individual can do to reduce the impact of global warming. The easiest method of controlling global warming is recycling, if individuals recycle frequently, it will reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. Recycling paper, tin cans, and plastic can reduce the household footprint by 850 pounds (lbs) per year. If we didn’t recycle, every year the average dustbin holds enough energy which could provide 500 baths or 5000 hours of television. Also minor things like reducing the use of electrical appliances, turning of television, instead of leaving it on standby or replacing standard bulbs with energy saving bulbs can reduce the impact of the individual’s effect on global warming. For example, using energy saving bulbs can reduce the individual’s carbon footprint by 100kg and turning off electrical appliances when not being used, instead of leaving...
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