What Role Do Ethics Play in Making Both Individuals and Teams Successful?

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Leading our lives in a fair way and not deceiving anyone on our way to success, is very important if you want to feel good about yourselves. Everyone wants to win in every aspect of life, but we have to remember to have sportsmanship, not gamesmanship. According to Kirk O. Hanson and Matt Savage of scu.edu, Gamesmanship is when winning is everything for you, no matter what you have to do for it, even if you have to hurt people on the way, even if you have to be unethical. Gamesmanship suggests to go agains the rules to gain a advantage over your opponent to help you succeed. But we sometimes forget winning something being unethical doesn't give us the pleasure you get when you win something fairly. Ethics comes from the Greek word ethos, which means "character". It defines a man’s character, his moral and principles, and the way he behaves. People think that when they are winning something they are achieving something, it’s an achievement. But no, there is a big difference in winning and achieving. You achieve when you accomplish something successfully, by effort and skill. Not when you have paid someone to lose or take steroids or fake a injury. We might play sports for entertainment, to stay fit, to kill time, as an hobby or professionally. Sports is something that could cause conflict between two best friends while playing basketball or bring two enemies together to fight a common enemy. It brings the whole world together in the olympics and make one country cheer for another in the world cups. Being sporty gets you respect and also sometimes money.It is a display of your physical exertion and skills, but some people don’t get that. Either is a friendly math between two groups or a big match spectated by the whole world, some people cant control their actions and do something unethical. When a country’s national team loses you can see the tears and with surprise wins comes tears of joy. For example the national cricket team is a big representation of...
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