What Relationship Is Presented in ‘Brothers’ and How Is It Presented?

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Andrew Foster’s poem Brothers represents a relationship between two brothers; one older and one younger brother. The older brother has left the younger brother the poem ends with a guilty tone. The poem starts with the verb ‘saddled’ which immediately sets the tone of the poem. This shows that the brothers don’t have a very loving relationship. This verb suggests that the speaker is stuck with his younger brother, implying that looking after his brother is hard work. Negative feelings are presented because it’s clear that the older brother doesn’t want to spend the afternoon with his younger brother. The younger brother is like a load that has been put onto the older brother. The older brother isn’t pleased with being saddled with the younger sibling and this suggests to the reader that he doesn’t care for his younger brother. The difference between the brothers is that the younger brother looks up to his older brother. The younger brother ‘skipped’ beside his older brother and Paul. This suggests that the younger brother is craving for attention and he’s achieving it by skipping instead of walking. Along with the skipping the younger sibling is ‘spouting six-year old views on Rotherham United’ he is shouting in order to gain his older brother’s attention. This suggests to the reader that the younger brother enthusiastic about spending the day with his older brother, who he looks up to, and is desperately trying to fit in but is denied his chance by the older brother. As brothers and Paul are walking around the younger brother suddenly states that he hasn’t any bus fare. The older brother tells the younger brother to go home and get some money. The older brother and Paul use that as an escape route and ‘stroll down, doing what grown-ups do’. Paul and the older brother promote themselves to be older than their age and act as grownups, taking bigger steps when they walk. It’s evident that the two boys are desperately trying to be grownups. The readers can infer...
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