What Qualities Make a Person Influential

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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What Qualities Make a Person Influential

Human beans are born with qualities.
Some qualities are positive and some are negative. Positive qualities will help a person achieve successfully in life, because it will bring good results. Negative qualities can possible effect someone in there future, since it will bring bad results. Qualities are an important aspect of human kind, since they will help a person be a successful in life. Some important qualities that make a person influential are based on education, morals and appearance.

The most important quality is to get a proper education. Education shows a person to solve problems, when they are presented and to have new ideas to solve them. Education also helps one understand other people and there culture. Understanding others will bring harmony in the enrollment. Education will also help one make very important decisions, that society will benefit them on future and learn from.

Another important quality are morals, such as honesty, humbles and good heart. Honesty is a basic principle for a peaceful future. If someone is not honest his or her life will always bring negative situations that will and up that person in tragedy. Which my husband was honest with me, the firs day I met him. Humbles brings one closer to people, because one can understand what that person is living and feeling. If one can understand what others feel he or she will be able to help the peoples needs. Having a good heart will have the same positive consequences as humbles. Another important quality is physical appearance. In society physical appearance is an important characteristic, because if one is good looking people will pay more attention to that persons opinion. This quality is the least important because one has a good physical appearance does not mean he or she has positive qualities. It is important to mention this quality because in society it is a very important aspect for a person to...
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