What Professionalism Means to Me

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Elizabeth Hernandez

What professionalism means to me.

When I think about professionalism the first thing that comes to my mind is being able to handle patients, co-workers, and the whole staff in general with respect, manners, good communication, and leaving negativity on the side. Having good manners with the patients and co-workers makes life much easier in my point of view, because we will all respect each others as one and get along better. We will all treat each others like as we were family and have that trust with one another. Having the patients to have the trust in your ability of doing things right means a lot to me specially if doing “hands on” themselves or on their kids. But good professionalism leads to have that trust in your patients and co-workers. Also having good communication is important so things won’t be misunderstood or overheard. Having a good communication to me, is talking to each others respectfully without offending anybody, not putting yourself better than anybody, or putting somebody lower than you. Another thing is leaving all the negative comments or compliments on the side, is the best thing to do for a better working environment. Even though It get’s hard at times not to influence ourselves with the angry patient’s or with their attitude. The same with our co-workers it’s best to leave all the drama on the side because arguing or fighting about it wont take us no where it would just leave us unemployment. Having to work with negative people that don’t have professionalism in them is one of the hardest to do, first because they don’t have manners at all, there always with an attitude, or they bring their personal life to work. Secondly what type of respect will they show their patient’s and staff. Lastly what reputation will they give their clinic/office facility, that’s why it’s important to have a good professional attitude. As a healthcare MA , I would want my professional appearance and demeanor to be...
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