What Problems and Challenges Does Google Face in This Case? What Is the Source of These Problems and Challenges?

Topics: Google, Information technology, Solution Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: April 9, 2013
What problems and challenges does Google face in this case? What is the source of these problems and challenges?

One of the many problems that Google faces in this case is the fact that they constantly have to compete with other big companies in the industry such as Microsoft. Google must constantly come up with new ideas and actual software to make sure they can stay on top with their competitors. Another major problem that Google faces in this case is also the fact that they were slapped with a heavy fine after violating such rights as privacy and copyright laws. Even after Google's new products, Gmail and AdSense, were created, Google cannot relax because its competitors are always coming up with new innovations as well, keeping the competition heated.

One source of Google's problems is the fact that they are a newer ameteur website and have a lot to learn. For example, they were fined for violating copyright laws, while Yahoo and Microsoft already had years of experience in negotiating with content providers. Another source of Google's problems is that they are introducing new products in the market that can be easily copied, reproduced, and offered by another company easily. For instance, Google's Maps features are also available on Yahoo.

Has Google correctly identified the challenges it faces? How has the company chosen to approach these challenges? What solutions has it chosen? Are there any solutions that the company hasn't considered?

Google has partially identified the challenges it faces, but then again, can always use more improvement to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition. On several occassions the company has chosen to approach these challenges head on making sure to correct the problem directly and making sure that the solution works and that customers are satisfied. Google has had several solutions to its problems one of them being that they have created a personalized search tool that can more accurately return relevant...
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