What Parallels Can Be Seen Between Milton’s Satan and Shelley’s Monster?

Topics: Paradise Lost, Adam and Eve, Mary Shelley Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 1, 2012
When encountering Milton’s Satan and Shelley’s monster one can draw several striking parallels between their existence. Both are outcasts from their creator; each monster seeks an alliance in their exile; while on their journey of revenge, each monster tries to infiltrate those who are closest to their creator and; during each narrative, the monsters make choices which deliver them into ‘evil’. In their own way, they seek to be less like a ‘thing’ and exist more as a shadow of their creator. Milton’s Satan and Shelley’s monster are both exiled from their creators. Each monster is forced to live in a world created out of their own existence, in a world which holds them back from a ‘normal’ existence. Normal, being an existence where one is able to make decisions based on doing ‘good’. Milton’s Satan uses his charm to assemble other fallen angels to build his army and build strength to obtain revenge upon his creator. Shelly’s monster on the other hand, tries to befriend other humans with intelligence he has obtained from their world. This bridge does not help him, so he turns to his creator to build his equal; a confidant. “You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange” (Shelley 218). Both monsters attack those closest to their creator, choices that they make which leads readers to internalize them as evil beings. Satan does this via “His fraudulent temptation” (Milton l. 513) on Eve and Adam, and Shelly’s monster via “Irretrievably destroy(ing) (Frankenstein) by destroying all (he ) lovedst” (Shelley 219).

Milton’s Satan strives to exist in a world where he is a god-like figure, while Shelley’s monster seeks to exist in an environment where he is more accepted and has an equal. The struggles that exist between each monster and society are parallels which are woven through each narrative. In conclusion, there are many parallels to be drawn between the two monsters. One could perhaps go on for ten (?) pages…....
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