What Paradigms and Principles Do You Live by?

Topics: Immune system, Recreation and Sports, Human rights Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 1, 2013
What Paradigms and Principles Do You Live By?
Paradigms are the way we perceive life. Paradigms are the way we look at things; our point of view. It’s how we see the world. Paradigms are basically beliefs about how life should be lived but they do not have to be necessarily true. Other people may have different beliefs on the way they perceive life, not everyone has the same beliefs. Believing something about life doesn’t make life the way you look at it. Principles are rules that are set to be followed. It is a set of values and the rule of conduct of a society. There are principles in human rights, labor, environment, business, etc. For example, America and Islam share common principles of justice, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. Your principles guide you; it paves the way for your life. When it comes to my career, my principles are to be honest and hardworking. I will also respect my fellow workmates and those who have authority over me; and be responsible for my actions and to be responsible enough to do job well. When talking about relationship there is this certain paradigm that I believe. I believe that the types of relationship you have and the person you have that relationship with reflects to who you are. Even those people, who you have had relationships with and lost, reflect to who you are. In other words, in some ways you are who they are. You share some common traits but yet you have differences. There’s always a little bit of that person left in you. Everyone should have time for recreation or leisure for the sake of keeping yourself happy. You should always do what you feel is right for the moment. One should realize the benefits of recreational activities. There are many physical and health benefits doing recreational activities like controlling obesity, boosting the immune system, diminishing the risks of diseases and increasing life expectancy. Members of a community like me are needed to serve the needs of the society. We...
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