What Must Marketeers Understand About Consumer Behaviour

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“The only way to know how customers view your business is to look at it through their eyes”, By CEO of TGI Fridays! Consumer behaviour examines the: Selection Processes and Psychological Processes, individuals go through when making purchases/reviewing their behaviour. It examines:

1. The influences that affect consumers, during, after and before purchasing products. 2. The processes consumers go through when making a purchase.

Once we can understand consumer behaviour we can,
* Be more direct in positioning our product
* Develop promotional materials.

“Consumer behaviour examines the process and activities people engage in when -Selecting –Searching –Purchasing –Using –Evaluating –Disposing the product” Belch & Belch 2003

Understanding Customer Behaviour: Who? What? Where? When? How?

Some purchase decisions require long extensive decisions while some may be made on the spot. Marketers need to: Understand and Identify
* Consumer behaviour
* Where consumers like to buy particular products
* What things have effect on consumers at point of purchase Identify:
* The needs of a customer
* How customers gather information on products
* How customers evaluate alternatives
* How customers make purchase decisions
Marketers need to understand the types of consumers.

Note: Consumers sleep In, Early-Age, Early-Morning, Late-Morning, Late. There is 6 types of consumers:
-Innovators –Early Adaptors –Early Majority –Late Majority and –Laggards

Innovators: Like new ideas, Well educated, Young and Confident, Financially Stronge.

Early Adopters: Leaders, Younger then other groups, above averaging in education Early Moderators: No risks take, Require Reassuring on Purchasing products. Abover average in – social status – education – income

Late Majority: Only adopt products because of Social/Enonomic...
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