What Motivates You

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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1) What motivates you?
a. The main thing that motivates me is being able to provide for my family. Knowing that I have a job that can pay my bill and put food on the table. b. Another thing that motivates me is being able to change lives for the better. Letting people that would never go to school for the cost reason have the ability to go. Knowing that they are changing their lives and also their children’s lives. 2) What does NOT motivate me?

c. Having to worry about losing my job when I am producing results compared to my training team. d. Having no positive reinforcement. “No bucket filling” Monday morning leadership book. 3) Self-evaluation of what works and what does not work? How many students that you have and where you feel that you are at? e. Something that works is positive reinforcement not the nagging that we need to do better every single day. This wears on people and makes them not want to work and produce results. f. Since my start date I have a total of 12 applications in with 7 of those being current and existing students. Compared to my training class that I was hired with I am performing in the 75% range with them. When I had my 90-day review with Daimon, he said that we were compared to our training group. Some feel that I am not doing well enough. g. I want to do more and do it better, without proper coaching I am trying all I can on my own and with help from team members. My team member’s is not where all of this coaching should come from. 4) Additional Comments

h. Some individuals are treated differently than others. Less performers being treated normal while middle producers are treated like they are not doing enough.
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