What Motivates Terrorists & How Do Their Actions Affect Society?

Topics: Internet, Social network service, Website Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Social Web

Stephanie Sweeney

INF 103

Instructor: Susan Meckert

April 7, 2013


The Social Web was designed to help people work together. The ultimate goal of the Web is to support and improve our web like existence in the world. “The idea was to lead the transformation of the Web into a Social Web.” (Rheingold, H.1996). In this research paper, I am going to talk about how the Social Web began, today and tomorrow’s technologies, and the impact it has on society. Today hundreds of millions of Internet users are using thousands of social websites to stay connected with their friends, and to share user-created content, such as photos, videos, and blogs. The Social Web is quickly reinventing itself.

In 2008, Facebook had 67 million members, MySpace had 100 million users, and YouTube had more than 100 million videos. The internet was not created as a communication tool to interact socially, but became a part of everyday life. Email from the 1960’s was one of the first social applications to connect multiple individuals through a network, by allowing users to send messages to one another. By the late 90’s, personal web sites that allowed users to share private information with others, were increasingly widespread.

The Social Web developed in three stages from the beginning of the 90’s up to today. During the “one-way conversation” era of on line applications, most of the nearly 18,000 web pages were “read only”. In the mid 90’s, Amazon and others made great progress in advancing on line social interaction. The first social networking sites, included Classmates.com (1995), and SixDegrees.com (1997). High speed internet became increasingly available, it lead to the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook (2004), and MySpace (2003). The social web is quickly becoming a way of life, many people visit social networking sites at least once per day. One notable change that has been brought about by the merging of social...
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