What Motivates Terrorists and Assassins

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  • Published : August 19, 2013
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The Mind of a Terrorist
Audra Graham
ENG 122
Instructor Ledcke
August 4, 2013

What motivates terrorists and assassins, and how do their actions affect society? Crime among our world has been around since time began. What seems to be on the rise is the amount of terrorists and assassins. There are many beliefs as why they do what they do. The most logical reasons are, they are longing for some kind of excitement, they are wanting to feel like their life has meaning, and they want to be feeling some kind of victory in themselves. Terrorists is a word coined during the French Revolution. There is a man of terror known also as a “virtuous man”. He opposed war and made impassioned pleas for public morality and civil liberty. (Zulaika, 2008, p. 287). Aside from that, terrorists are not afraid to die. That clearly makes it beyond difficult for authorities to try to do something that would deter a terrorist from doing whatever they want to do. Terrorists also know how to act as normal citizens in order to blend in with those around them. Most of them even place themselves in the dangerous situation to make sure they accomplish their deathly task. Therefore, it is easy to say that there could be a terrorist sitting next to any of us and that they could be anywhere. Terrorists are very manipulative people. They can and will try anything to persuade anyone they can that what they are doing is for a good reason, and should not be seen as wrong. They often try to recruit others to help them with their task. It’s not surprising that they can be seen as cult leaders. They do not have any problem with telling people any kind of lie in order to get the help they need or to have someone accept their behavior in society. Assassins are similar to terrorists because they both make it a priority to kill others. However, they do differ in some ways. Assassins tend to find more joy in the death of someone else. (Alakoc. P. 20) They also have the tendency to work alone or in a...
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