What Motivates People to Have Sex

Topics: Fornication, Mind, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: February 21, 2012
What Motivates people to have sex?
You ask yourself what motivates you to have sex? So I thought about and I guess the more appropriate question to me would be what doesn’t motivate you to have sex? Upon being asked this question for a topic for a paper it really got me thinking about how big of a role sex the thought of sex plays in the role of almost everything we do. In all reality as sad as it is to believe I think sex one day will be more dominant then it already is now. So the past day or two I have kept it in the back of my mind while I’m out and about or just at home watching TV. One example today I went to get my haircut and the place was called knockouts the woman that were cutting hair had on booty shorts and braws I also noticed the price of getting your hair cut here was way more expensive than a standard place like great clips. Also when you turn on the TV u don’t really think about it unless you’re looking out for it but half the stuff there advertising and trying to sell things they’re using sex to manipulate people’s minds to get them to make impulse decisions and I bet there probably petty successful doing it. The fact of the matter is that sex is used to target men into spending money on going to certain places or a buy a certain product. People are reminded of sex on a day to day basis with almost anything that you do so much to the point were in today’s world its changing peoples morals and believes. When I was a little kid and old enough to understand what sex was and being attracted to girls which is 0nly about ten years ago premarital sex in my family and a lot of girls I dated was not ok and they felt strongly about it. Now ten years down the road and looking at things now it would be almost impossible to find someone who believed so strongly in not having pre marital sex. I look back on how things used to be and what my mother and father taught me about understanding sex and picking the right person and getting married first and I...
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