What Motivated You to Apply to Study for an Mba Degree ?

Topics: Doctor of Business Administration, Business school, Goal Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: June 9, 2012
No achievement can quench my thirst for self-improvement. My personal credo is to always " go farther"- to find innovative ways to accomplish goals, and to realize my full potential in every aspect of my professional career. While my plans have evolved over the years, this personal objective remains the same.

There are many reasons why I believe this is the perfect time for me to start the MBA Program at IMC. With regard to gaining knowledge, I have been learning continuously since institute. During institute summer breaks, I took English courses in Kiev. When I graduated and started working, I had became preparation for 3-years postgraduate course at my institute. Even after finishing postgraduate education, I participated in different professional and educational programs in Ukraine and abroad. Starting the MBA program now is the next most logical step in my career.

In terms of career advancements, I am pushing myself to the limit. It happened that my graduation and global changes in our economy coincided in time. It was possible than to choose between stable, prestigious job ( I was a perfect student, therefore I had a job offer) and establishing own business. Feeling that it's a right time to start something innovative in our country and to reach new goals in my career, I had chosen the second option. Since that time I have received new experiences, got acquainted with new business partners and reached certain goals in my career. My company is a well established (as for our country, of course) enterprise, which deals with manufacturing of pumps and fans, among its clients are biggest companies in Ukraine and Russia. Nevertheless I feel that current position do not satisfy my ambitions and inspirations; I hate the idea that my duties and opportunities may not change for the rest of my life. Of course, business will develop and some changes will appear, but for the future progress I need deeper knowledge, wider business contacts and better education. It's...
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