What Money Cant Buy; Surrogate Mothers

Topics: Surrogacy Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Michael Sandel’s book “What Money Can’t Buy” (WMCB) taps into a rich seam of discontent about the discipline of the free market and economics. Sandel’s mission in WMCB is to question whether the use of markets to allocate some goods is justifiable. The main arguments in WMCB are intended to provoke a suspicion that allowing transactions between consenting adults in a market place is not universally desirable. It focuses predominantly on market exchange, where one side of the transaction is financial. The book uses a range of provocative examples to challenge the intuitions of the reader about whether allowing a market to operate in a particular context is problematic. Sandel’s opinions on these issues in his book are essentially about what is right and wrong. One of the more interesting topics within the book is multiple discussions and ways that children are and can be sold. We will look at Sandel’s opinions that focus on the thought of selling children. Using Sandel’s arguments, we will discuss about the morality of selling children and whether it’s efficient to sell them in the market.

To begin the argument we have to understand Sandel’s main point about moral degradation; the very act of exchanging certain goods or services for money, he claims, changes the way they are perceived, taints and corrupts them, negates their “socially useful purpose,” degrades their “social utility,” and demeans people who trade them. He contends that the last few decades have produced “the commoditization of everything” and that these market values crowd out moral values. An example is the insurance market, where investors purchase life insurance policies from individuals and thus benefit from their deaths. An institution that was designed to provide for the deceased’s family has branched into a bet on his death. I can go online and pay for life insurance policies on people I hardly know in a bet to try and make some quick cash. You can see how something that was suppose to...
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