What Mistakes Did Britain Make in the Ruling of the Americas?

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The mistake that King George and the rest of Britain made was the constant pressure from British rulers in believing the colonists would consume their harsh rule for too long. These were not the same colonists who came over as British citizens to set up forts. These men and women thought of themselves and American citizens, and geographic location and lack of representation proved the theory of salutary neglect to be true. Ultimately, Britain lost control when they gave in to the colonist’s boycotts and showed them that they had the power to run a country, and that Britain feared that power. Through Parliament’s ruthless taxation without representation, restrictions upon what colonists had assumed were civil liberties and British military action, Britain and the colonists were thrown into a revolutionary war. The first time a Parliamentary imposed tax threatened the livelihood of the colonies was in 1733 with the Molasses Act, stemmed from the loss of profit for the British West Indies under the Navigation Act. However, this act was avoidable and rarely paid. Following the long and harrowing French and Indian War, Britain was deep in debt and was determined to pay off the debt by taxing the colonies. They not only reinforced the ignored Navigation Acts, but he placed the new Sugar Act which was similar to the Molasses Act which put a tax on rum and molasses imported from West Indies, but this Act would be enforced. Needless to say, the colonists were not used to this intrusion of Parliament and felt that it was wrong because there were no members in Parliament to represent the colonies. They felt it was a direct violation of their civil liberties and resentment was beginning to spawn. Next was the Currency Act which disregarded the colonies paper money, forcing the colonist to pay in only silver and sending their economy into chaos. A year...
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