What Might Your Role Be in Organising, Using and Maintaining the Learning Resources, Material and Equipment for This Percussion Lesson

Topics: Lesson plan, Safety, Access control Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Prior to the lesson I would ensure that any equipment outlined in the lesson plan was available for that day, preferably this is to be done a couple of days prior and where necessary book the equipment for use on the day the lesson is to be carried out. This helps to ensure that all equipment necessary is available and not being used by another class, feedback should then be given to the teacher as to whether that equipment is available for the day intended so that other arrangements can be made in necessary. Before the lesson starts I would retrieve all the necessary equipment including worksheets and instruments, ensuring there is enough for each child to use and that the instruments required for the lesson according to the lesson plan are provided. I would check all the equipment to ensure it is in compliance with health and safety policy, is clean and hygienic and is appropriate for the pupils to use, for example the size of the instrument is appropriate for the pupils. An inventory of all equipment should be properly maintained, all instruments being used should be logged out and the condition they are in noted. Any problems with the equipment should be noted in a maintenance log. If I am able to I should carry out any repairs necessary, however if repairs are out of my capability then it is vital I do not attempt to repair them as I could compromise the safety of the equipment. Once all resources have been attained I should place them safely within the classroom allowing enough space for safe use and easy access. It is important that I follow the guidelines of the teacher in the positioning of each instrument. Whilst the lesson is in progress it is important that I monitor how the equipment is being used, to ensure that it is used in accordance with guidelines and to prevent any damage from occurring and where necessary provide guidance to the pupils for correct and safe use. Once the lesson is complete it is important that all materials are returned to...
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