What Message Is Mary Bradstreet Trying to Convey in Half Hanged Mary

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Mary Webster was hanged from a tree in Massachusetts, for being accused of witchcraft. She hung there the whole night and was later cut down to be found alive. Mary Webster wrote this to show that god is real and he sometimes work to save us. Mary Webster used Simile, Synecdoche, and Imagery to show that in the end God is all we have. Mary Webster used simile to convey her message. In the text she said “I didn’t feel the smashed flesh closing over it like water over a thrown stone.” This is a simile because Webster is saying she didn’t feel pain like water over a thrown rock also she is using like to show a comparison. In the text Mary Webster says “I might rub off on you like a soot or gossip.” Webster uses this simile to say that if they helped her they might be accused of witchcraft that’s what she meant by saying this. This is a simile because she is comparing herself to spread like gossip does. Another thing Webster says in the text is “is it my choice that I’m dangling like a turkey’s wattles from this more than indifferent tree?” Webster is asking herself if she is it her fault that she hanging from a tree like an animal. Webster uses of simile to convey her message it pays off in some form. It shows me that the entire time of her being hung up there she started to lose faith but regained it and God helped her lived. Mary Webster used Imagery also to convey her message even better. In the text Webster says “whispering to me to be easy on myself.” Webster is saying that God was whispering to her not to be so hard on herself, not to blame herself for being hanged. This is imagery because it is auditory imagery. In the text Mary Webster says “Wind seethes in the leaves around me the tree exude night."  This can be auditory imagery again because the leaves were making noise when they were moving around her and the tree. In the text Webster also said “mumbling to myself like crazy, mouth full of juicy adjectives and purple berries.” This is a form of imagery...
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