What Makes a Winning Sports Team

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  • Published : February 7, 2007
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What qualities make a winning hockey team successful? Coaches and players alike want an answer to what gives a winning, competitive edge. Within the last two decades, the demand for knowledge related to fitness training, sports psychology, and skill development has exploded and become a large part of today's game. Although the discoveries made in these areas have been useful in understanding team dynamics, there is more behind winning than meets the eye. Avid sports watchers recognize that other characteristics are crucial to the development of a winning club. Specifically, successful hockey teams are made up of great coaches, skillful players, and supportive fans.

An intricate knowledge of the game and the ability to transfer this knowledge to his or her players forms the foundation of a great hockey coach. Together, these characteristics enable coaches to take the first step in building a winning team. Successful coaches start out with a season-long plan, set goals for both them-self and the team, and stick to them. Furthermore, good coaches communicate their points clearly at any level, whether to kids starting out for the first time or to professional athletes. They should be able to adjust their approach to any level although this can be hard and requires practice. Moreover, exemplary coaches know what their players want from them, whether it is to have fun, or to develop their game. They must also motivate their players to the best of their potential by showcasing their own passion and excitement for the game. Their enthusiasm for the sport will shine though to their players. Good coaches makes better players, and developed players make stronger teams.

Players, like coaches, are fundamental parts of the hockey team as it is the players who (are the ones) that evidently get the job done. Foremost, successful players should be able to communicate between not only themselves but also with their coaches. Players who are committed to excellence, and...
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