What Makes a Top 100 Hospital

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Running Header: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital”

“What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?”
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Health Services Management 310

The Washington Hospital in Washington, Pennsylvania was one of the hospitals to make the top 100 list. The Washington Hospital is very successful not- for- profit community hospital because it helps out its community and provides a wide variety of jobs to the surrounding cities. The hospitals mission statement is “To provide great patient care.” The hospitals vision is “To be the Regional Health Care system of choice for patients, physicians and employees in Washington and surrounding counties.” The hospital provides school programs on site and jobs after graduation. They have positive feedback which rates them 4 of 5 stars on their hospitals overall performance.

The Washington Hospital history has proven to successfully providing some of the highest quality care in the southwestern Pennsylvania area since 1897, when it was just an old family farmhouse. It was not until after they officially opened later on down the road that the physicians were able to operate in an actual operating room, before that they utilized the space meant for classrooms until one was built. Once they added an operation room, they also decided to add on a second floor along with a brick kitchen. In 1905, a new full story was added to the hospital which included 12 additional rooms and also another operation room upgraded the hospital. Washington Hospital began a fundraiser to raise money to relocate and upgrade the Washington Hospital. By 1925, over $60,000 was made from these fundraisers and the construction for the new hospital started. Construction finished by March 23, 1927 and was then opened for business. In 1946, the Washington Hospital was up and operating with a three floor wing, 238 bed capability, and a three story nurses residence which includes 101 bedrooms, 8 lounges, 2...
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