What Makes a Successful Business?

Topics: Business terms Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: April 11, 2011
What Makes a Successful Business?
Posing a question like "what makes a successful business" can be like the parable of the four blind men describing the elephant - all the perceptions are accurate, but they aren't the full picture, and none really stands up on its own. The fact is that the elements that go into making a successful business are many, varied, and often industry/niche specific. Therefore, in order to deliver a small treatise on what it is that makes for a successful business, it is crucial to focus on the underlying structures rather than the detailed specifics. Whether or not to use a particular accounting method is not what this paper will cover, but whether or not to actually have an accounting method is within the scope of this paper. What follows is a structural guideline for helping to make a business successful. There are many advantages and disadvantages when owning your own business. When you own your own business, it’s known as a sole proprietorship. With any type of business, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. Five advantages for owning your own business are: 1) The owner receives all profits, meaning that all earnings go to the sole proprietor, or the owner, and isn’t shared with anyone else. The profit is not split among partners, or split among a corporation. So when you own your own business, you’re the first and only one that receives all earnings and profit. So if a person has a successful firm, he/she is the first to reap the success and rewards. 2) Another advantage of owning your own business is that you’re your own boss. You can set your own hours; decide what you want to do with the company, no manager to answer to. Basically, you’re in charge of everything. The owner solely makes all decisions. Or in other words, you’re running the show. 3) An additional advantage is that a sole proprietorship can be easily organized. It’s easy to start your own business. First of all, it costs very little money to start...
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