What Makes a Society Strong and What Destructs It.

Topics: Greek mythology, Trojan War, Homer Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: November 2, 2008
In our readings, we have seen examples of how society can be undermined or destabilized. Among the major causes of such damage are: injustice, lack of respect and responsibility to others, self-interest, abuse of power, conflicts, war and fighting. For example, in Hesiod’s “Thegony”, we can see that Auranos and Cronus were unjust and self-interested leaders, because they only cared about themselves. Auranos was only interested in mating with Gaia. He did not care about his children; therefore, he sent them back to Earh. Cronus hated his children. In addition, he was afraid that they will overthrow him, so he swallowed them. As a result, there was no balance of rights and responsibilities in that society. Therefore, they were opposed and their power was taken away by their successors. Another example of the destruction of the society can be found in the Hesiod’s, Works and Days, “Five Ages”. During the silver era people were hurting each other, and they also refused to honor gods. During bronze era people only cared about fighting and war. People from these two eras did not care to improve the quality of their lives. As a result, they all killed each other and their society came to the end. Self-interest is another destructive behavior for a society. For example, in the Hesiod’s, Theogony, “Prometheus”, main character, Prometheus steals fire from Zeus and brings it to people. Prometheus makes Zeus look weak. In response, Zeus orders to create Pandora that will bring diseases and sorrows to people. Here we can see that Prometheus self-interest to look strong and smart causes whole society to suffer. Demeter from “Homeric Hymn to Demeter” is also driven by self-interest which is to reunite with her daughter Persephone. Her motive leads to the abuse of power. She takes away Earth’s fertility that causes famine and suffering off all mortal men. As a result, society is destabilized by riots and civil war. In Thucydides’, “The Peloponnesian War” the...
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