What Makes a Monster

Topics: Spider-Man, Marvel Comics, Stan Lee Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: February 21, 2013
What Makes a Monster?

Monsters are often thought of as green, abnormally large and scary. They are believed to hide in dark shadows and forgotten street corners. Monsters have a bad reputation and the very nature of the term monster is not smiled upon. I believe these thoughts are generic and relics of a much safer past. In our morally bankrupt society monsters exist in the realist scariest form. As we step into adulthood and take our heads out of the comic books that shows us the danger of the Green Goblin we must now be alerted the real demons. Adolf Hitler killed thousands upon thousands of people. His persona and legacy can only be thought of as sick and sadistic. Adolf Hitler did by himself what would take an entire army of 'bath-salt zombies'. With this being said I would like to suggest that monsters really do exist. Monsters are those individuals who make bad choices for self-gain at the expense of society as a whole. The first example I would like to use to back up my thesis is a bit of a dead horse. Historians and average joes alike have all used Adolf Hitler for every bad guy pun you could every think of. We know that he killed thousands of people during World War II, we know he had mental issues, and we know that he was not a nice man. But what makes him a monster? Those mass killing came after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, and after thousands of starving Germans put their faith into him. He sold them bills of good hope that he knew he would ultimately never pay not because he couldn't but because he was a bad guy. Hitler never really cared about Germany, he cared about the power Germany gave him. He did not care about the thousands starving and praying to him in vain. He used the cries of the hungry to fuel his ambition and continue to give out bills of good hope that he knew he would never pay. That is what makes Adolf Hitler a monster. In the comic “The Amazing Spiderman” Peter Parker finds himself fighting someone who was once a friend....
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