What Makes a House a Home

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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What makes a house a home?
A house can provide a place to live, but it can't provide family love. A home can provide people a place to live, but it also can provide family love. I have lived in many different kinds of houses, apartments, garages and now a condo. Every house that I have lived in gives me a different feeling. The house that I currently live in, provides not only a comfortable place, but also warmth and care as well. I'm living in a 2 story condo with my parents. The living room and kitchen are on the first floor, and 2 bedrooms are on the second floor. The front yard of my house has a wood house for my dog. His name is Tiger, and he is a German Sheppered. My dog is also a part of our family too. Family love can make a house a home. My mother is the one in charge of making meals and making sure everybody eats at the appropriate time. She makes delicious foods for my family everyday. My father is responsible for organizing everything at home. And me, I am a high school student. We always feel warmth and care when we are together at home. My parents are always there if I ever get in trouble or need help. Home is a place where I start my breakfast with my family in the morning, and when I dream in bed at night. A home is always full of love and kindness. It's difficult to leave because my house is always invited me stay with my family together everyday.
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