What Makes a Hero

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Patrick Dinnell 5/14/13 Assignment: 5 paragraph essay
Hero Essay
What is a hero? A hero can affect the world, group, or just one person with his or her actions. What a hero is doesn’t always have to do with what they did, but how it affected the person who received it. Anyone could be a hero in someone else’s eyes. What makes a hero is doing something to help another person or thing, doing their actions without expecting something in return, and putting others before themselves.

First, in order to be a hero, someone must do something for another person or thing. People usually think of heroes as someone who saved a life, or stopped a dangerous crook, but in order to be a hero, you don’t need to do any of that. It can be a simple little thing like helping an elderly person, or donating a little blood, or just playing with someone who has no one to play with. A hero is named a hero by the person or thing who receiving the action and how it helped him, her, or it or made him, her, or it feel.

Seconds, in order to be a hero, someone must do your actions without expecting something in return. Heroes are always getting awards, statues, and other items in their honor, but if a hero does their actions for fame and glory, they’re not heroes. A hero does well for others just to do good for others. Being a hero has nothing to do with plaques, or awards, or any credit. It has to do with goodness and what the person does.

Lastly, in order to be a hero, someone has to put others before his or herself. Firefighters are an example of this. They rush into burning buildings and save people from fires. If someone doesn’t put his or herself before someone else, they will usually care about him or her and not someone else’s. If someone does the opposite, they will usually help someone else and care for others. Heroes almost always put others before themselves.

So, what is a hero? A hero can change a person, a group, or even the entire...
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