What Makes a Good Teacher?

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Intro to Early childhood Education

What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher is a person who is willing to take care of other people children. A good teacher is caring and also committed. Someone who is committed to teaching and also care for someone other than themselves can become a good teacher. Someone who is responsible and knows how to work with children can make a good teacher. A good teacher must have patience if there going to be working with young children. They have to remember that babies cry for a lot of things and that comforting them may take some time if the child doesn't know the teacher caring for him/her. A teacher who is playful and also knows when not to play makes a good teacher because the kids can enjoy being in school when the teacher they have can also play with them. A good teacher has to love children and also has to love working with children. A good teacher sets high expectation for all students even if the expectation is for a baby to take his/her first steps or speak their first words. A good teacher is someone who is prepared and organized. Teachers who are good at teaching forms a strong relationship with their students and they shoe that they care if that child does well in school. A good teacher frequently communicates with their students parents. A good teacher loves what he or she does and also loves working with children.
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