What Makes a Good Teacher

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Teachers have the very important responsibility to share their knowledge with student and inspire them using several ways they can. Teachers are like our friends or a part of our family because we see them almost every day, but what makes a good teacher? And most importantly, what makes students like them? In my opinion, I think a good teacher is someone who can make learning fun and creative, respect and support students all the time.

First of all, a good teacher should share their knowledge using different ways, instead of giving them answers every time, they should let them think. There are many types of teachers, the first one they give you the answers in the book; second they give you the chapter and ask you to look for the answer and lastly you will be asked to look for the answer yourself in the book. There is no true or false, just that they have different teaching styles but a good teacher should be either the second or third one, they give us a clue after that we have to look for the answer ourselves, this makes students gain more interests towards learning. While the first one is the traditional role of a teacher, they just keep pouring contents into the cup, do what they should do. We can also use this quote to explain everything, “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.” If people always help you whenever you need help, you will never grow up.

A good teacher have to make learning interesting, this plays a very important role in elementary level, students are growing up and it is harder to get their attention, we love laughter, fun and learning new things. But not everyone learn the same way, not everyone is interested in the same thing. Teachers should be more creative in this stage, they could allow them to choose what activities they like or want to participate in and then relate that particular topic to activities they like, so while learning they can also have fun....
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