What Makes a Good Teacher

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Ex.1. Warming- Up

1) Do you agree that to be a good teacher you must be genuinely interested in what you are doing? 2) Give your argumentative comments on the following statements: a) An ignorant teacher teaches ignorance, a fearful teacher teaches fear, and a bored teacher teaches boredom. A good teacher catalyzes in his pupils the burning desire to know and love for the truth and beauty. b) “A great teacher is a great artist and you know how few great artists there are in the world. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since its medium is the human mind and the human spirit” (John Steinbeck).

Ex.2. Read the text and explain why teachers a supposed to be so different from people of other professions. Speak about your attitude to the idea expressed in the title.

A Teacher’s Lot Is Certainly a Different One

Say “teacher” and a clear image forms in people’s minds. People usually think that teachers, if female, are intense, persistent creatures, and if male, are a little strange. They would refer to teachers they know and proceed to generalizations, most frequently concerning their quarrelsome emotional way of discussing things, their dictatorial or pedantic tendencies and, above all, their boring inability to talk about anything other than their jobs. Teachers themselves have a particularly self-conscious view of their role. Outside their working milieu, they tend to feel isolated and to grow away from friends who work a standard office day. The teachers’ job imposes exceptional stresses and conflicts, and these have the power to isolate teachers from everybody else, to alter their outlook and even their characters. Monday morning is a good example of the differences between school and office. In many offices you can arrive a little late, whatever is not important can be put off, and with luck you can have an extended lunch-hour. A teacher’s Monday...
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