What Makes a Good Ruler, in Confucius’s View? a Good Minister?

Topics: Virtue, Political philosophy, Mind Pages: 1 (453 words) Published: October 16, 2011
What makes a good ruler, in Confucius’s view? A good minister? Confucius became famous as a sage of China during the era of Philosophers. He had influences on the civilizations of most of eastern Asia. Confucianism has some points that highlight what makes a good ruler or a good minister. In Confucius’s view, a good ruler won the confidence of the people. He emphasized this by saying that “The art of governing is to keep its affairs before the mind without weariness, and to practice them with undeviating consistency.” He is referring that if the governor has righteousness and fairness in his mind, people will have confidence in the governor. A good minister would lead the people with correctness and moral desire of thinking from goodness. For example, if a ruler never thinks of stealing or something bad, there will be no common people who steal or do bad things even the ruler rewards them for doing bad things. I believe that if you rule with good morals and love all the people, people will always respect you and people will learn their mistakes and they will correct themselves. I think Confucius is saying that the most important thing for a good ruler is morality and being a good model or example for everyone. In Confucius’s view, “If people be led by virtue, and uniformity sought to be given them by the rules of propriety, they will have a sense of shame, and moreover will become good.” Confucius intensified that a good minister should lead people with virtue and propriety and not with laws and regulations. Then people will have a sense of shame and turn to good people instead of trying to avoid the punishment and having no sense of shame. A good leader should employ ministers according to the rules of propriety then ministers serve the leader with faithfulness. Then Confucius said “There is a government, when the prince is prince, and the minister is minister; when the father is father and the son is son.” He implied that every minister in the government...
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