What Makes a Good Leader

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A Good Leader
There are all types of people out there in the world today. Some run huge multi-national companies, some star on our favorite television shows, and some have even won gold at the Olympics. Sadly, most of us are just regular, ordinary, people. Fortunately for us "regulars", we have influences to look up upon and base our actions off of. We need these people to help us in our lives. A good leader is somebody we can all look up to, and respect with the highest authority.

A good leader has to be sympathetic and reasonable. Realistically, nobody is going to listen to or have any respect for some jerk. In fact, most people would even resent the person. That being said, a leader needs to be someone that will listen to different thoughts and opinions to use his judgement towards the betterment of any and every situation. When used right, this skill enables leaders to gain more trust and support in even their own decisions.

Another quality that makes an effective leader is assertiveness. Think about somebody's parents you know of who are completely easy going and never lay down the line. Now take a look at their children... Often times there is a major lack in respect towards the parent. This is the same exact result that happens in different groups when the leader does not show enough assertiveness. They get “walked all over“ and nothing ever seems to move in the right direction. This is an easy fix that can turn even the most laid back of people into more of a leader figure.

Finally, a leader must be someone that can be counted upon. This is the most important quality of all! Credibility opens all sorts of doors between followers, both new and existing. The reason is that credibility brings trust, and trust is the ultimate form of connection between human beings. Personally I have more respect for these types of people who have reputable reputations, because they seem to know what they’re doing.

In today’s society we all need somebody to look up...
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