What Makes a Good Friend

Topics: Friendship, Virtue, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: November 17, 2011
What makes a good friend
Good friends are capable to make your life better. Good friends are not just people with whom you like to spent your free time and have fun. If you are in company of good friends, you can share your thoughts and emotions. A good friend is someone who understands you and helps you to choose between right and wrong. People who have good friends are very lucky. Having someone which you trust and whom you go to in difficult times is a big achievement. You know you have someone who will always stand by you no matter of what. You feel secure, you feel wanted and you feel a lot confident in yoursself. Life without true friends and true friendship is uninteresting. So what makes a good friends? A good friend must accept you for who you are. He must not agree with you if he thinks that you are making mistake. A good friend will never lie to you, I think that friendship is based on truth. A person who has habit of lie will never be a good friend. I think that a good friend must be a good listener too. A person who doesn’t like to listen to others can’t be a good friend. This kind of people give themselves and their problems the biggest importance and don’t like to listen to other people’s problems. In conclusion a good friend must be happy when you are happy, he must not criticize you behind you and will stand by you in any situation.
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