What Makes a Good Foreign Language Teacher?

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What Makes a Good Foreign Language Teacher?

It is not a secret that teaching has a great role in our life, it is everywhere. In our constantly changing world we have to get knowledge from everything: e.g. from people and things surrounding us, from different technologies, from our experience. But nothing of these can take the place of a teacher, who plays a great role in life of every person. During rather long period of time a teacher is an integral part of children’s life.  A teacher does not only impart the knowledge of the world, prepares children for everyday life but also influences their  souls, teaches them to be honest, to be patient, to help each other, to respect each other; the teacher helps children to develop their true selves. He can change a young person's life by helping them to realize their potential, helping them to grow, helping them to find their talents, skills and abilities. But who is a teacher? According to The Free Dictionary a teacher is one who teaches, especially one hired to teach; a person whose occupation is teaching others, esp. children. But in the broadest sense, a teacher can be defined as someone who not only teaches or imparts knowledge, but also most importantly, someone responsible for shaping and molding the minds and hearts of all those whom they teach.  

Foreign language teachers have a lot of common qualities with the teachers of other subjects, but they are seen to be distinctive in terms of the nature of the subject, the content of teaching, the teaching methodology

So I think that it is obvious that the future of any student depends on the qualities and dedication of a teacher of foreign language or any other subject. That is why it is necessary to be a good teacher who will create an interest in students to develop and progress and achieve whatever aims they set for themselves. 

But what qualities, features do make a teacher a good teacher? 

Speaking about it first of all we should touch...
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