What Makes You, You

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  • Published : May 29, 2009
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In my opinion what makes you, you is your soul, and I think your soul is inside of you, more specifically in your DNA, in each and every cell of your body. Of course, the way we look has nothing to do with our true self. A lot of people think that if we change our look or brain then it won’t be us anymore. Me in the other hand, I don’t think that way. I think that we only have a brain because we live on a materialistic world and our bodies are material and that is why we have a hard time understanding our soul, because our soul is not material, so that is why we have a brain to help translate to us what our soul wants to tell us. Our brain is for the logical things, such as solving problems, analysis, resolving, but our soul is what makes us feel, love, create and imagine. I think that our soul is the only reason why we are able to love and create, have all those feelings which can’t be produced by the brain. Thus, it is something way beyond the brain. A brain and any other part of us can be removed and changed but not our soul. I also think that when our body dies our soul goes somewhere way beyond the world, and later when it is reborn in a different body the knowledge about life and the experiences comes with the soul, only since we are, once again, in a physical body and we have a brain we can’t remember everything, at least not consciously.
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