What Makes You Wait for the Future

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What makes you wait for the future? What makes you go on? What makes you strive to see the future? If life is a harsh place to live in why do you still work hard to keep moving forward? If you had answer these questions with an ease, probably you are having a good life, having a great experience with your love ones, probably life smite you so hard, test you and everything was so wrong that you almost give up but hope came up. There are so many reasons to keep going on; you don’t need something that is good to look and to go on. It can be harsh, it can be tragic and it can be something that I don’t know that may almost made you lost hope and gave up but the only thing that I can say is that the more you suffer the more you should live and keep moving because after you surpass those obstacles you will be a mighty person a successful person. You know why? For me being successful is measured through how many times you rise up after you fall down. You should know and remember that the world is your training ground, so it is set to give you a hard time and the best way to deal with it is to surpass every test that is given to you because every completed task makes you stronger, makes you tougher and makes you more matured.

On this time did you know that we are just only waiting for the end of the world? In case that you don’t know hah! Now you know! Signs and events happens that steel proofing that the world is at the eleventh hour. So what is like for a person knowing that the world is nearly ending? Well, I don’t know what it is like because God says that go forth and multiply and subdue from it until He comes back. So for me nothing change, as I have said world is your training ground and the only way you stop from training is when you are unable to and if time’ is up, got that? If not, Sorry for not understanding that part. I have been using confusing example am I? Well, on that part I believe that for a person to...
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