What Makes These Documentaries Effective?

Topics: African American, White American, Family Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: April 19, 2011
A. What makes these documentaries effective (or not effective)?  What did you like and not like about the documentaries?  Explain in detail? In the film “My name is Lisa” I like the documentary it show what people deal with everyday that there relative have Alzheimer's disease. The film made me tear up knowing that the young girl has to grow up dealing with that. Also, the actors play their parts real good. This is a film was about people who have to look after their family members suffering from a terminal and degenerative illness called Alzheimer’s, where the brain is changing shape and chemicals are breaking down in your head, basically the brain is dying & the person loses their ability to speak, laugh, talk, walk. Also, the film show how the young girl try to hold in her feelings and deal with her mother disease that effecting both of theirs life. Younger and younger people are affected and there seems to be no help, no understanding and worst of all no empathy. In the film “Urban Trenches” I also like this short film. It shows what happens in everyday life. Especially, in the African Americans one sibling have to act out in doing something to get them in trouble. I dislike the film because I feel like it stereotyping young African American males. Especially, with the robbing, the type of neighbor the boy stayed in, and it show that one of the sibling acting out and the other siblings who was doing good in school and football something bad had to happen to him. B. What do these documentaries show about social class and/or race?    In the film “ My name is Lisa” it show in our social class that young people have to grow up beyond her years to understand and live with their relative illness and learn how to cope with it. This disease can happen to any race not only Caucasian Americans. Especially, in a single parent household, in the film I guess the father is not around, so the child has to deal with all the responsibilities as been a grown up. In...
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