What Makes Someone a Hero

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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What makes someone a hero: What makes my dad a hero
Father is the first person who I remind of hero. My father gives me a live, as human in order to see the social world. He protects me and take cares of me with his love and his sincere. He instructs me to be a good person. So, my father is my hero. When I was young, my father took care of me as well as my mother. I was showered, dressed me up by him. After school my father always asked about my homework. And when I had a problem with my homework; science , mathematics , Thai even English. My father can be my consult. He could explain and help me for my homework. He gave many suggestions and examples to make me understand. My father gives me the suggestion to live in the society. He told me many aspects in the society, harmful things even the harmful person. He told me how to aware of those thing. He said: “Nowadays, the society is more dangerous than the past.” You should aware of strangers and you must avoid to go to the place which is endanger. You must look around and aware of everything which is suspicious.” He protects me from danger. When I was eight years old. I drowned in the hotel swimming pool. In that moment, I thought, I will not survive. With my father’s subconscious, he jumped into the swimming pool and pool me up from the deep. He might die from that situation because he is not good at swimming at all. That time I realized that he was my hero. He doesn’t like the Hollywood hero or the cartoon hero; he is my hero, only my. He is a good model. Since I was born, I feel of his loves. He never hates me when I annoyed him. In his whole life, he works hard. He is a great leader of the family. I should imitate him. I considered him as my inspiration to be a good person. Especially, about honesty, he said, “Honesty is a good habit that the good person must have.” My father is my hero that really have in the real world. This is not the...
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