What Makes Me a Great Employee

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  • Published : June 2, 2008
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In today’s work world I believe an employee needs to show their employer that they are a good investment, both for the current position, as well as for any potential future positions. Based on previous employment, I have learned and acquired the skills and responsibilities of arriving to work on time, having a positive attitude, working hard, working well with others, showing leadership qualities, and doing the best job that I can each day.

Arriving to work on time has been very important to me in my previous job, but I was never on time, I always arrived early at least 15 minutes early every day. That way, if I was running late, I would be on time and never late to work each day. It showed my employer that I was dedicated and punctual. I always woke up early enough so that I would not have to rush when preparing breakfast and getting ready for work. The way I see it is, if you have to rush you've already set yourself up for a stressful day and by the time you get to work you're already in a bad mood. Every day I tried to always come to work with a clear head and have energy throughout the day.

Having great attendance and being on time shows that I have many other great personal attributes such as showing leadership qualities, and working hard. When I am given a task, I do a good job and see the task through to completion. I am responsible for my own actions and the work that I produce. I tell the truth even when the news is bad.

Showing leadership qualities cannot be done without working well with others and having a positive attitude. I am friendly and I always make an effort to get along with co-workers. Even if there are people in the place of employment where I don’t get along with I keep my personal feelings to myself. I respect my co-workers as individuals with unique ideas and thoughts that may be different from mine. I am a team player, pleasant and respectful towards everyone I encounter.
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