What Makes It Cool?

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What makes it “Cool”?
What makes an object cool and what does it mean to be cool? If you go by what the author says, cool is having the newest product on the market; but could it just be an object that makes you feel good about yourself? It may be something that makes you want to show it off to friends, family, and just people in-general. Isn’t that the first thing you do when you buy something new that makes you feel “cool”? You tell someone about it and put it out for display for all to see.

When you buy a new car you get a feeling of excitement and you’re happy so you show it off and talk about it, to anyone who will listen. You roll the window down and stick your elbow right out on the window because you want to look “cool”. That’s why my cool object is my 1976 F-250. With its two toned white and Mecca gold body, loud dual exhaust and, unforgettable old car smell. She is the coolest truck on the road. Every time she cruises down the road Goldie has her windows down and I have my elbow out. Goldie is the coolest truck because she makes her owner want to show her off to everyone.

So “cool” in my eyes is anything that makes you feel good about yourself and gives you that want to show it off to others attitude. You can have a cool rock or a cool house; cool is whatever you want it to be. That is why Goldie is cool because she makes me feel good about driving, sitting, or just looking at her. Cool isn’t the newest and best all the time, it’s just something you want, and that makes it cool.
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