What Makes God's Grace so Amazing

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  • Published : July 4, 2009
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Du, Djanin Djoy D.
Eng17 BB
Sept. 22, 2008

SPEECH TOPIC: What Makes God’s Grace So Amazing?

SPEECH PURPOSE: This speech is to inform others about what the word grace really mean and what it is for. This also aims to let others know the significance and purpose of existence of God’s grace in our lives.

SPEECH TITLE:“The Free Gift”

People use the word grace in several different ways such as, “saying grace” before meals, being “grateful” for someone’s kindness, or simply “congratulations” if someone becomes successful. When we insult a person, we say “you ingrate” or “you’re a disgrace!” In England for instance, British subjects address royalty as “Your grace”; and some students in certain colleges may “receive a grace” exempting them from certain academic requirements. Yet all of these terms are just words which pertain to grace, none has absolutely explained the true meaning of grace, which then led me to search of grace’s definitions in dictionaries.

In the Thesaurus, grace is referred as a noun which means elegance, kindness and blessing, while in the Webster’s dictionary, it is synonymous to mercy; an unconstrained and undeserved divine favor or goodwill; and God’s loving mercy displayed to man for the salvation of his soul. “God’s loving mercy displayed to man for the salvation of his soul”? Does this mean grace is a product of God’s love? What is grace then according to the Bible?

Grace according to the Bible is like a free gift from God or so called eternal life. When we stop to think about it, we realize that there’s actually not much in life that’s free. When we see something we need or want, we always look for the price tag. If we’re told that something’s free, we wonder, “What’s the catch?” So when I say eternal life, the greatest gift ever offered is free, you then have every right to wonder and ask, “Where did you get that information?” The answer is, no one else, but from God. Who said in Romans 6:23b, “…but the...
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