What Makes Children Rebel Against Their Parents

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What makes children rebel against their parents?
The relationship between a parent and a child is the strongest relationship that could ever exist. However, it is known that parents and children do not always get on very well. Why? Because parents are not single-minded when it comes to their children and are not determined enough to give them the best they can? Or because kids cannot appreciate the things their parents do for them and tend to be kind of selfish? It can’t be exactly defined in most of the cases. Usually both sides are responsible for those misunderstandings. On the one hand, it is very popular amongst parents to have a level of expectations about their children. Mothers and fathers often have dreams of what their children will be. When those dreams do not come to fruition, disappointment is often apparent. And it is normal for one parent to expect their kid to have good manners, get good grades at school and so on. However, the parents of children that rebel often set the bar too high and most of the children cannot meet their expectations. Sometimes this insistence for the kids to be ‘the best’ at everything turns out to be rather annoying for them. That is the point where tolerance and hard-working turns to stubbornness and rebellion. By pressing the children too much, parents do not realise that in this way they kill their will to justify their expectations. On the other hand, children themselves tend to be kind of ‘little devils’ sometimes. Childhood rebellion is parents’ worst nightmare. There are kids whose rebellion is caused by parental pressure. Others rebel because that’s just the way they are. After all they are just kids. They sulk over a lot of stuff, you cannot guess what their next wish will be. Something they wanted yesterday might be something they would throw away if you gave it to them today. As for the teenagers, their case is a lot more complicated. Most of the time all they want is independence and understanding, and when...
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