What Makes Change Happen?

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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What makes change happen?
Problems request for solutions and solutions leads to changes. Problems can be very simple and appear every day. Nevertheless, they can also be huge, complex transcendental and rarely appeared. However, they both should be faced with a series of solutions that will finally solve the problem. People are constantly trying to find solutions for their problems. Problems appear in their homes, in their jobs or in their society. And those who take the initiative to face them are those who lead the changes. These people are described as very influential people. And history has a special chapter for them. Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Darwin are very good example of people who positively influence changes. Jesus Christ, who is a spiritual teacher and the central figure of Christianity, led by his example and created a spiritual development stream that generated changes that reach our days. Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, ambassador, philosopher, statesmen, writer, businessman, celebrated free thinker and wit who changed the history of a nation and founded a new country. Charles Darwin was a Natural scientist who changed the way we think about evolution. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler, Pablo Escobar or Josef Stalin are examples of people that generate negative changes for society. The solutions they focus were selfish and distorted and led to the death of many people. But you must not need to look far to find problems that need to be faced for solutions and change. For example, the parking at Newton College is a problem that leads to the solution of reducing the number of cars that enter to school. The way this problem is been faced is by making pull with another family, walking or riding a bike in the entrance. The change that will be generated is that there will be more parking spaces available. But this would not be the only change, people are also mentally changed being aware about how much pollution they are making....
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