What Made Rome Great

Topics: Roman Republic, Ancient Rome, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: May 25, 2013
What Made Rome Great
By: Jack Mo
There are lots of things that made Rome great, its location, its government and laws, its army and their successes, and its great buildings, but a few things stood out the most. Its location, its army, and its infrastructure were truly the most important parts of Rome and why it was so great. Unlike a lot of cities back then, Rome was not built on the coast. Romulus, the founder of Rome, could have easily built the city down by the see but he didn’t and this was very favourable. Maritime cities are constantly in danger of unpredictable events. An enemy coming by ship can move during the night when nobody can see them. When they are spotted you have no idea where they came from or what they want, sure you can guess, but you would never know for sure. Also, a war ship can be easily disguised as a merchant ship. With a city away from the coast, like Rome, there are different signs that an enemy is approaching. The crashing of the forest or the noise of marching can give an army away. A city like Rome can easily notice and army coming, but it also needs its own army to defend itself. The roman army was trained everyday as if Rome were in a time of war, they were very precautious. This constant training prepared the soldiers to be able to deal with the fatigue of battles. It was their discipline and training that allowed them to overcome their enemies that did not possess the same discipline. There were almost no occurrences where the Romans were defeated in battle due to the strength or strategy of their enemy or the setting of the battle. With the one of the strongest armies of its time, Rome was able to conquer so many territories. During its thousand years of existence, Rome has never been taken over by an outside force. Rome, at its time, outdid the rest of the world in a lot of things, but none as much as in great buildings. If all of Rome’s buildings were put together, then one would think another world was being described....
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