What Made Hoover a Conservative Was His Unwillingness to Deal with the Problems of the Economy Directly During His Time in Office. He Was Attacked by People Accusing Him of Lacking Sympathy for Those Suffering, Which

Topics: President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, Great Depression Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 21, 2013

Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert C. Hoover were two very different leaders during a time of struggle of The Great Depression. They also had different ways and theories on how to get America out of the depression. Hoover felt that in order for the economy to get better, the government should not expand any more than it had to and that the people should take care of their own problems with the help of only volunteers, which was a conservative stance. On the other hand, Roosevelt did everything he could to help as many people as possible and was open to new ideas that led him to do things that no other president had done before. Hoover was very much a conservative president and Roosevelt was a liberal one. One thing that made Hoover a conservative was his unwillingness to deal with the problems of the economy during his time in office. He was attacked by people accusing him of lacking sympathy for those suffering, which was caused by his view that local and state governments could take care of their own problems (Doc C). He felt that “the Depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement” (Doc B). If voluntarism and the local and state governments could not completely fulfill their jobs of helping their own suffering people, then they would Hoover ask the aid of the federal government to help (Doc C). At most, Hoover attempted to help the farmers with the passing of Agricultural Marketing Act, which authorized loans to farmers in hopes of preventing them from going bankrupt, but the loans were expected to be paid back in full, which could not be done and proved to make it unsuccessful. That means not expanding the government to help meet the demands of the individual would label Herbert C. Hoover as a conservative.
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