What Kind of Reader Are You?

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What Type of Reader are you?
What is your favorite type of book to read? Or do you even enjoy reading? No matter how much a person likes or dislikes reading, every person in today’s society has to read at least once a day. There is so much material to read, one cannot avoid reading something. Not only are there many different types of material to read, but there are also many different types of readers. Readers can be labeled either by what they read, or why they read.

There are the people who read because reading is something they love to do. These Lovers of Literature do not care what the material is they are reading, or what kind of prose it contains; they just read to be reading. I think I belong in this category because I enjoy reading and it is something I do for all sorts of reasons: when I am bored, when I am about to go to bed, and sometimes even when I am angry. These people seem fascinated by letters and the way they shape words and sentences, poems and essays, stories and books. Lovers of Literature can be seen checking out many varieties of books from libraries, such as historical fiction or classical literature. Lovers of Literature seem interested in everything from the Bronte sisters to Louis L’amour.

Quite the opposites of Lovers of Literature are the Necessity Readers: those of the public who read only when they have to. My brother fits perfectly into this group, seeing as he never reads unless absolutely necessary. “Why read when you can be doing something fun,” he always asks me whenever I am reading and he wants me to do something else. Necessity Readers read no more than completely essential, and only when it benefits them, such as for class or work. Necessity Readers see reading as a must-do activity and are not enthused by it in any way. These people hardly ever read because they want to; the idea of reading for pleasure seems absolutely foreign to them. It really is a disgrace that it seems as though most of the...
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