What Kind of Product Placement in the Film Industry Is More Acceptable by the Audiences?

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What kind of product placement in the film industry is more acceptable by the audiences?


Product placement in Movies2
Literature review: Some examples2
Ray Ban: Top Gun3
FedEx and Wilson: Cast away3
Chevrolet Camaro: Transformers4
Successful and failure attempts of product placement4
The product for the movie5
Example of success: Mini cooper and the Italian job5
Example of failure: China Mobile and the Cellphone6
The movie for the product8

Product placement in Movies
Product placement is a kind of advertisements, where products or services are placed in a context normally devoid of ads, such as films, TV episodes, or news. Product placement can reach a niche audience, and there are strong reasons for investors to expect that film product placement will increase consumer awareness of a particular brand. However, the movie studio must analyze if the product fits with the image of the film. A star may draw more attention than a product. Therefore this becomes a separate point of negotiation within his contract in many cases.

Brand placements are for increasing brand familiarity and sales. Also, there are some other advantages of brand placements in Movies.
1. People would not change the channel or leave room when a brand appears in a movie like they might for TV ads 2. Brand placements often involve an endorsement by the celebrity using the brand which appears to have an influence on attitudes toward the brand. 3. Brand placement allows advertisers to target very specific people. 4. Brand placements have a longer life than traditional advertisements. When a film is released as DVD, the brand placement is still present. 5. Audiences might like brand placements because they improve the realism of a movie or TV show. Literature review: Some examples

Product placement is not a recent phenomenon as commonly believed, but dates back to the earliest days of cinema. It originated more than a century ago in “soap opera” radio broadcasts, a significant means of popular entertainment at the time which often mentioned various soap products within the storyline in exchange for financial support. Here we have some classic examples of product placement in movies. They are all famous films with successful product. Ray Ban: Top Gun

Screen shot of the movie: Top Gun(1986)

Top Gun had a huge impact on some generations. The movie had a handsome and fearless main character. He not only defeated enemies in the air, but also won the heart of a beautiful lady. He was dressed in jeans, wore a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. In Top Gun, Tom Cruise and his Navy colleagues wore Aviators by Ray Ban. The result: the sales of Aviator sunglasses rose by 40 percent in the seven months following the release of the movie. FedEx and Wilson: Cast away

Screen shots of the movie: Cast Away (2000)

Tom Hanks played Chuck in the movie Cast Away. Chuck is a FedEx employee who is stranded on an island after FedEx’s plane crashes. The film shows his attempts to survive on the island using what was left of his plane’s cargo. He eventual escapes and returns to society, with one lost parcel delivered with a very long delay. When Chuck crashed on the island, he was there alone. But somehow he got company from the resource left. When he opened boxes he found Wilson volleyball. That ball became “Wilson”, Chuck’s only friend on the island. This product placement is very special: product was not just “used”, and Chuck didn’t just speak about it – the product becomes a character. Chuck and Wilson’s relationship was great and audiences perceived Wilson as a character, not some brand product. Chevrolet Camaro: Transformers

Screen shot of the movie: Transformers (2007)

Chevrolet Camaro is a very interesting placement in the Transformers. Camaro played Bumblebee...
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