What Kind of Person Is an Overambitious Parent

Topics: Failure, Personal life, Psychology Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: November 28, 2012
What kind of person is an overambitious parent
Each and every person on this planet has some goals, ambitions, dreams. We all have this picture in our minds of how our life is supposed to be and we do everything we can to make it real. But a wise man once said that while we're making plans, God is laughing. Not achieving the life you yearn often leads to negative emotions and depression. Some people learn to let go of their dreams and set new targets. Others never quite get over their failure and always seek ways to see their goal accomplished. Often, these people become overambitious parents. I have been a witness of what having an overambitious parent is like. One of my closest friends mother had always been very goal-oriented, but unfortunately fate had other plans for her. As a result, she tried to force her dreams on her two kids. She always pushed them to the limit, expecting them to excel in all areas of life. She rarely left them time (to)relax and have (maybe you can put free time for themselves) time for themselves. She expected only the best from them and when they didn't manage to live up to her high standards, things always ended up with screaming and sobbing from both sides.Her way of "stimulating" them was to bring them down, telling them some pretty harsh words and constantly nagging. What she failed to grasp was that her kids were different from her, with different view of the world, their own opinion and ambitions. Their deepest yearnings weren't the same as hers. In the end, all she wanted was to see them successful and fulfilled, but she couldn't fully understand what was best for them and chose the wrong approach. What this type of parents fail to see is that they're driving their kids away from home and are, sometimes, the cause of depression. Ambition is good, but there are borders to everything. We are all different, our destinies are different and no one should force us to choose another way in life. After all, we only get one chance...
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