What Kind of Advertising Is the Most Effective and Attractive to Thai Teens Between Digital Advertising or Physical Advertising?

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Topic: what kind of advertising is the most effective and attractive to Thai teens between digital advertising or physical advertising?


Currently, a commercial rivalry in Thailand is highly increasing due to the need to dominate the market of many companies. To reach this, teens seem to be a major target group. To convince teens to purchase products and services, each company has created its own strategy through advertising. Automatically advertising becomes an influence factor that convinces an audience to purchase or take an action upon products, ideals, or services. So it’s important to know that which kind of the most effective and attractive advertising is between digital advertising or physical advertising.


There are two types of advertising; digital advertising and physical advertising.

Digital advertising includes television advertising/ music in advertising, radio advertising, online advertising, and product placements.

Physical advertising includes press advertising such as newspaper, magazine, or trade journal, mobile billboard, in-store advertising, and celebrity branding.

Although there is no research found about which kind of the most effective and attractive to Thai teens advertising is, theoretically there is a striking characteristic human memory that could lead to the answer of the problem.

Comparing between images and texts, images are remembered better than texts. This is because images are better to show structural relations and better to provide detail and appearance. However motions or movements are remembered better than images; motions and movement are allocated more attention than static scenes or images, resulting in better memory.

This could be related to the problem because advertising works best when feeling, motion, or movement and story is added and appearance is created.


What kind of advertising is the most effective and attractive to...
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