What Justice Means to Me

Topics: Criminal justice, Crime, Decision making Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Lavee Jackson

Course: CJUS141-1302A-05

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Subject: Phase 1 DB 2 - Historical Perspective

April 13, 2013

When I think of the question "What is Justice to me" many things come to my mind. I have so many things scrambling in my mind and I just truly want to share an answer that is not only straight forward, but that is really from deep within. It's weird that sometimes when a question comes up how difficult it could actually be putting your answer into a form that gives you100% satisfaction within yourself. I know there are only so many words that an individual can use to describe to someone exactly what justice means to them and their actual outlook on the topic. To me, justice is doing the correct thing. What I mean by that is not only doing the logical thing or doing what would satisfy the majority of individuals, but also making sure that your decision and your actions are honest and fair. I feel justice is being unselfish and that the same rules should always apply during the decision making process.

I feel that the criminal justice system interrelates with one another by making the main priority of the business keeping the public safe. I also feel that the criminal justice system conflicts with one another when major decisions are made based on personal feelings of individuals instead of the decision being based on facts and the severity of a crime committed.

There are two models of the criminal justice system. The two models of the criminal justice system differ because the first model which is “due process” believes in rights of individuals; the second model which is “crime control” supports the regulation of criminal conduct and behavior. I personally prefer the “due process” model because I firmly feel that a person is innocent unless proven guilty. I also agree that the principal goal of criminal justice should be to protect the innocent and convict the guilty.
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