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Topics: English-language films, Automobile, Steering Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: April 22, 2013
On July 21, I went to a family barbeque in Rochester, NY. After leaving the barbeque, I was on my way to meet my brothers John and Nick at the local bar to talk and have fun. After we saw our oldest brother John off, Nick and I decided to race down the main street in town. I learned on this day to never race a vehicle around a dangerous curve.

While my brother and I exited the parking lot of the bar, he went around me to lead. I followed him until we reached the main street, Peach St. As we approached the street, Nick lined up on the right side of my vehicle and within three seconds we stepped on the gas pedal. While speeding down Peach St. around 80-90mph, I noticed that after we passed the community center. Also, I was now in the lead. Since I had the lead, I attempted to apply my brakes but because I was going too fast they wouldn’t work.

Noticing that my brakes weren’t working, I thought about what was going to stop my car in this residential area. At this point, all I could do was keep my foot on the brakes and scream. As I began to scream, I watched as my car went through someone’s living room window and my body hit the steering wheel.

After the car went through the living room window, I then got out making sure everyone was alright. Now that everyone was fine, I called the police, and my family. While standing outside my car, I look around and all I see is my car on the porch of the house with glass all over it and the front wheel turned the opposite way. From my speeding, I totaled my car and destroyed someone’s house.

Realizing what just happened, I now felt like I was hit back to back by three tractor trailers. This was one of the worst feelings to experience.
Because of my dumb decision to speed, I ended up with no car; the family who was enjoying their night was out of a house for a few nights. I was now stuck dealing with a new type of depression. At the end of the day I honestly promised my daughter and myself as well as my family that...
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