What Its Like to Be a Black Girl

Topics: Ten Commandments, Slavery, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Everything has right and wrong

Kala Butts

Informal Logic PHI 103

Danika Novak


Everything has right and wrong

Everyone has an opinion of whether something is right or wrong. While one might think that something is wrong the other might think that it’s right. Lenn E. Goodman argued that certain things like slavery, polygamy, incest and rape are just plain wrong. “What I want to do here is single out a few areas where I think human deserts are irrefragable-not because these deserts are never questioned or breached in practice, but because they never should be (Goodman, 2010).”

“Murder is wrong because it destroys a human subject (Goodman, 2010).” Goodman is very correct in this statement but does this also include warfare? People know that in the war there are times that you have to kill to protect yourself, your fellow soldiers, and/or your country. Do you classify this as murder? My thoughts on this is murder is when you kill because of hatred or anger, killing in warfare is the cause of having to protect yourself and what you believe in. “Warfare is not always wrong; it may be necessary to protect such subjects (Goodman, 2010).”

Slavery, polygamy and incest are all wrong in my opinion. Goodman states that “murder is destructive; but slavery keeps its victims alive while stripping them of agency, assigning it to other who do not share her projects, hope, or interests, but subordinate her capabilities to their wants (Goodman, 2010).” In his article, Goodman says: “I use the feminine gender here, although slaves today are of both sexes and all ages, since the bulk of human trafficking is in woman and children (Goodman, 2010).” “ The U.S. State Department estimates that between 700,000 and four million people are trafficked annualy across international borders, including some 50,000 into the U.S. (Goodman, 2010).” Men, women and children are all trafficked for different reasons; “the men are trafficked for...
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